Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cheap flights around Europe!

One of the best things about being based in Malta, is the fact we can get on a flight for $30 AU and head to Rome for the weekend - and of course we did!

And we also went to Dusseldorf, Madrid and Sicily!

Rome is our favourite Italian city to visit. We love the history, the culture, the shops, the cafes, the monuments...I can't get enough of the Vatican... the ease of walking around. We have so many 'locals' there (because we've been so many times) and we know our way around like it was our own home (it is definately one of our many 'homes').

Dusseldorf was to visit my wonderful friend Amy and her family. It was also a chance to celebrate her 40th! We had a fantastic time there. She lives in a gorgeous little town, and Dusseldorf is a great city. It was also before Christmas, so all the decorations were beautiful. Germany really does know how to celebrate the festive season!

Madrid was to visit my 'cousin' Beth and her husband. We had never been before and again, loved it! It's got a fab cultural vibe (not as touristy as Barcelona). The streets in the city are wide and easy to walk - the shops are brilliant, the food - YUMMO! But we did get stuck a few times because our Spanish isn't the best...and not many of them speak English.

Sicily was so I could really tick it off my list (went to Palermo on the cruise but still had never spent real time in this part of Italy), and so we could EAT! Catania is a groovy, vibrant, cool city - the food is exceptional. Honestly the best food I've ever had! Taormina and Syracuse are gorgeous towns. Friendly people, excellent coffee, good service...loved it, and will be back!

I am so glad we have taken the opportunity to travel around Europe while we've been living here in Malta. It's just another reason why living over this side of the world is AWESOME!!!!

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