Sunday, October 18, 2015

Starting a new routine

So with my holidays now over - with a side-trip/mini break to Paris Disneyland for my birthday (it was SO much fun!) - we are now settling into a new routine. And all is going really well. We love it here!

Each morning I am up and walking/running along the gorgeous promenade that follows the shore for many kilometres. Then it's time to get sorted and start my working day. At the moment I am writing copy for a company's website as well as doing some edits. It's a good mix. Lots on and hopefully lots more to come my way...

Heading out for a mid-morn coffee, by the sea, it a simple delight. Just getting some sun, fresh air, looking at the water, and getting away from the computer does wonders. Then it's back to work. After shutting up the office I again will head for a walk along the beach or take my book for a little read by the water or on most arvos, while we can, I am in the water having a swim. So yes, I do have a slight tan. :)

Ahhhh the is heavenly here. Sure, there's no great sweeping beaches of comfy sand to lie on, but the water is the highlight. It's just how I like it - calm and clear. No big waves to try and struggle through. It's like a big ocean pool! I just have to put on my goggles and drift out. The goggles are great as there's loads of fish to check out. So yes, we are doing lots of swimming.

We have even found that the local cinema is only a 5 min walk from us (seriously, everything is a 5 min walk!!!). And the best part is, for 2 tickets, large coke and popcorn, it's only A$20! We are definitely going to take advantage of that and check out all the new movies. And they're in English.

Anton is keen to make sure we take advantage of this wonderful weather while it lasts and so we took a boat trip to the other islands, Gozo, and then to Comino to swim in another bay and the 'ultimate' swimming area - The Blue Lagoon. It was incredible. Cruising was a delight, and swimming in the clearest water I have ever experienced was brilliant. This is 'the place' to check out if you love swimming and snorkelling!

So we are definately making the most of this seaside living.

It's still quite busy here, especially at night. Lots of drunk Poms. :) But they are all very friendly and lively - there's still quite a 'buzz' around.

One thing that is annoying me though...BUSES! There's not enough buses and they don't come regularly. So if you get to the bus stop for the 12.00 bus, you will probably find that the bus will go right past you because it's already FULL. So you have to wait another 30 mins, and again you can't be sure to get on that one either...SO ANNOYING. Makes getting around a little difficult. Mind you, once you're on, you don't have to travel that far to find other hidden Maltese gems. 

Fingers crossed the bus situation get a little better once all the tourists go. HA - I am even starting to sound like a 'local'.

Time to get some work done, and head out for my morning coffee soon...

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